Fujikura Introduces New Shafts for 2010

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On January 21, 2010 - By Brandon de la Cruz

 (Vista, CA – January 21, 2010) Fujikura, the #1 Driver Shaft Brand in professional golf for the past nine years, is proud to introduce its next generation of performance shafts for the 2010 golf season.


The new shafts demonstrate Fujikura’s commitment to superior design, technology and materials as well as its collaboration with leading Tour professionals and the world’s premier clubmakers. The new line includes: 

The Motore Speeder™ is supercharged with Fujikura Quadra Axis Composite™ and Triax Woven™ material creating our 7 Axis Technology™. This uniformity throughout the shaft helps eliminate deformation yet provides the maximum amount of feel through the entire swing, increasing overall performance and stability. The new Motore Speeder shaft won the first week it was launched on Tour at the Barclays Singapore Open. 

The Motore F3 is a complimentary addition to the highly successful Tour proven Motore F1.  The Motore Series features Fujikura’s proprietary and proven High Inertia Tip (H.I.T.) Technology which stores more energy during the downswing and releases the energy just before impact maintaining the shaft and club’s stability. The result is greater distance and accuracy in all clubs. Motore’s "smart" shaping of the tip enables these benefits while minimizing weight, allowing the tip end to accelerate faster than conventional tips.  

The FitOn Max™ Series was designed with our proprietary Swing-Sync Design Technology. This design platform gives each shaft optimal flexural rigidity. Swing-Sync provides exceptional feedback to the player in order to immediately obtain the best control.  FitOn Max comes in four different weight ranges to maximize speed for all player profiles and better fit all levels of golfers.

“This new line of shafts clearly demonstrates Fujikura’s commitment to superior design, materials and technology,” says Dave Schnider President/COO of Fujikura. “These shafts also reflect our successful collaboration with leading Tour professionals and club makers to produce the highest performing shafts in golf.”

“Fujikura’s exceptional 2009 performance across all Tours, especially our ninth consecutive year being the #1  Driver Shaft Brand on the PGA Tour, gives us confidence that our new shaft introductions will help Fujikura grow and solidify our expanding leadership position,” says Schnider.


“Our R&D team has worked closely with our Tour team to develop the innovative Motore Speeder shaft and evolve the Motore F series,” says Alex Dee, Fujikura’s Vice President of Engineering. “These truly revolutionary shafts continue to reinforce Fujikura’s superior technology and performance.”


“We’re excited to have these new shafts on Tour.  A number of players have been testing and started putting them into play already,” says Pat McCoy, Fujikura’s Tour Manager. “As Our Barclay’s win and ongoing Tour leadership indicates, Fujikura continues to be recognized as Tour’s highest performance shaft.”

 Building Momentum

Fujikura is building momentum entering the 2010 golf season having the #1 Wood Shaft Brand at the SBS Championship in Hawaii.  Motore was the #1 Driver Shaft Brand for all four 2009 major championships and lead the Darrell Survey National Consumer Report on new driver shaft usages for the second consecutive year.

The Fujikura shafts will be introduced in January 2010 at the PGA Show. They will be available through Fujikura’s Charter Dealers across the United States and around the world beginning in February.   

Fujikura is the primary supplier to many national brand OEM’s offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs.  Fujikura products also can be custom fitted through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers.  To learn more about Fujikura, visit  www.fujikuragolf.com.   



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Fujikura is the primary supplier to many national brand OEM's offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fitted through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers. 

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