Fujikura Unveils New Shafts Line For 2011

On January 26, 2011 - By Brandon de la Cruz

Fujikura is proud to introduce Motore Speeder VC.2 and Blur to their Line for 2011. The Motore Speeder line has been very successful both on Tour and in the after market with the Motore Speeeder VC.0 and Motore Speeder VC.1. The VC.2 will still maintain the signature feel and distance associated with the Motore Speeder however the VC.2 will be the lowest launching, lowest spinning shaft in the line.

Blur stands for "Beyond Light, Ultra-Responsive". These lightweight, higher balance-point shafts are designed to accelerate faster and generate greater swing speeds without compromising the solid and controllable feel typically absent in lightweight shafts.

Fujikura is known for pushing boundaries of high performance shaft design, and for Blur, our engineers left no stone unturned. Blur shafts take advantage of unique, proprietary design elements in every aspect of the shaft: Structural design, advanced materials, and for the first time in golf-a functional, low-density cosmetic.

CAGE Construction:

CAGE Construction is a new and innovative design methodology that allows Fujikura to create thinner, lighter walls with exceptional stability. The specialized lay-up envelops fibers responsible for the shafts bending stiffness in a "cage" of off-axis materials resulting in the feel and control of a heavier shaft.

Spread Tow Carbon Interweave:

The focal point of the Blur line is the exclusive use of Textreme Spread Tow Carbon Interweave. Fujikura partnered with Oxeon, a Swedish producer of advanced materials, to develop a carbon fabric specifically designed to meet our performance and lightweight requirements. Not only unique and stunning appearance, this ultra-premium material takes flat, spread carbon tow (rather than the traditional circular yarns) and weaves them into one of the thinnest, lightest and stiffest carbon fabrics. A thinner weave means less crimping of fibers over and under large yarns and more fibers in the direction of the loading, which enhances responsiveness and exceptional feel.

Phantium Finish:

Phantium Finish is a new, low-density cosmetic finish innovated by Fujikura. The weight of the finish is so light, it might as well be invisible. Phantium Finish maintains the rich luster and premium appearance Fujikura is recognized for but is up to 70% lighter than standard paint finishes. Phantium Finish allows our designers to fully optimize a shaft's stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Ultimately, Blur provides optimal stiffness, enhanced feel, and unparalleled speed. In tests conducted in the Fujikura Fit-On Studio, player's fit with Blur significantly increased their ball speed, which resulted in overall longer distances.

Fujikura is the primary supplier to many national club brands offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fitted through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers. To learn more about Fujikura, visit www.fujikuragolf.com or become a fan at www.facebook.com/fujikuragolf

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Fujikura is the primary supplier to many national brand OEM's offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fitted through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers. 

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